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Growing up, Millie Eubanks was an avid Monopoly player, and to her it only made sense to pass ‘GO’ and continue her journey. The one thing she has always stood by is her ability to believe in others and the difference everyone can make. Even as she reminisces on her journey thus far, she feels a bit old– and yet youthful at the same time. She has been in the Real Estate business for over 28 years, well before the use of the Internet and computers; It is because of Millie and those alike that the Real Estate industry is as everyone knows it today.

Millie is currently strolling on Boardwalk as the Owner and Managing Broker of Gable & Grace. Each and every day she pushes herself and her team to be better than the day before. She has an “I work for you” mentality which pushes her to exceed even her own expectations. Many have overheard her say “My middle name is ‘Hustle,’ but my mom spelled it J-O-A-N-N.”

Millie’s knowledge, attitude, and quick wit make every client feel at ease, and Real Estate transactions seem effortless. Millie and her team have a strong devotion to service and value, trust and confidence, and a commitment to understand and orchestrate their clients’ needs and wants. The team is dedicated and passionate and are an asset to everyone they represent in any transaction.

Your dream home awaits so take a chance, advance to Gable & Grace, and collect your own story! Every home has a story, and it begins with you. Her team is ready to help you write yours! Check them out at

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